R3B meeting, Daresbury 25 July 2011 (CMT, RL (IL part))

Request for Tender document

Following changes desired:

  • Remove part 2 of sequence – accommodate in risks
  • Add wording to stage 3: B before rest; 100 not to delay 300
  • Emphasize invitation to suggest alternative sequence/timescale.  Altogether be a bit more vague to allow supplier to come up with something better otherwise we are locked into a schedule that might not favour us
  • Contract should be for minimum number of detectors so that the working allowance can be used if more are needed

(post meeting – first change carried out (PN).  Other issues to be taken care of in procurement ‘interview’.)

ASIC (IL joined)


  • Purely for testing + maybe worst case solution/replacement for the ASIC (latter was ruled out since it may delay actual ASIC)
  • Avoid new electronics i.e. use existing
  • How to attach readout to Silicon…
  • Least amount of extra effort
  • New people?
  • Noise implications of bonding silicon
  • Alternative ASICS: VA chips for ALPHA; AIDA; NXiter(?) not ideal but is timestamped (existing and future versions) (IL will look at spec)
  • ‘new’ test system needs to be incorporated into the plan (costs etc) and checked for its viability (JT to do this in the first instance then maybe IL) if alternatives need to be found

Real ASIC:

  • No possibility of increasing effort on ASIC for this year (too late)
  • Next year: Maybe increase design effort from 63-> 100% by reprofiling, additionally maybe add further support (try to get working allowance for this?)
  • Design of shield etc needs to be fixed so that electronics can be finalised (affected by number of delta electrons)

Scope reduction/planning

Use of 300um throughout as backup plan (this has no impact on anything else apart from detector capability)


  • John Strachan is collecting mechanics info for R3B to help integrate and is producing a plan
  • Forward beam tracking detectors – we will have to design (at least the envelope) but not build.  Need to find out who is going to build it (Munich? Out of diamond?)
  • Same goes for the target which we will have to essentially design but have it approved by Saclay (John Strachan has already been in contact)
  • We will also meet to investigate the timescales for these

Project Organization

Discussed working groups and overall structure.  Four ‘packages’ each with a Technical lead: (Electronics (IL), Mechanics (JS), Silicon (JT/TD), Simulations/Analysis (ML).  These overseen by a Technical group (consisting of Technical leads+RL+CMT+any R3B with sufficient desire to be involved at this level (but they have to attend the meetings!).  Overall covered by R3B board consisting of PIs+RL+CMT. then UKNuStAR.  CMT will create org chart.

Post Revisions:

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